Visit usVisit our Winery

Winery and vineyards tours are bookable by phone at +39 3713381919 or by email at
Individual visitors or groups will be guided by Paolo, who will illustrate the production process in its various phases, integrating it with information about the historical and cultural context of the area.

During the warmer seasons, it possible to take a guided tour to the nearby Roman bridge known as ‘Ponte di Annibale' on the Savuto river. The location can only be reached on foot via a slightly impervious path. 

TastingWine Tasting

Paolo and Ana will be pleased to welcome you directly to the winery for a guided wine tasting. The cost is €15 per person for the 4 wines. You can choose, also, a light lunch with local cheeses and cold cuts at an additional cost of €15 per person.

Spoken languages: Italian, English and Spanish.

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