Le MoireOur wines

The wines of Le Moire are born in the Vineyard; they are wines of Vineyard. Produced in Calabria, in the middle valley of the Savuto, in Motta Santa Lucia (CZ).

The vineyards are located around 400 m above sea level, on a ridge that runs alongside the Savuto river on the left side, surrounded by untouched woods. The sudden temperature changes, given by the nearby river course, enhance the aromas of the native cultivars. The possibility of organic viticulture is safeguarded by a variety of factors such as the "virgin" ecosystem, the wind that rises through the valley from nearby Tirreno, the exposure to the first sun of the morning, the formation during daytime of updrafts, the low relative humidity and a medium deep and well-drained soil.


Following the millennia-old tradition of this area, we have adopted narrow rows with planting densities higher than 6000 plants per hectare; this, together with low-vigor rootstocks, low training systems, and meticulous manual management of all phases of the plant's life cycle - from winter pruning to harvest - allows each vine to limit production to a few sweet, healthy, and fragrant grape bunches.


The manual selection of the grape bunches, combined with slow maceration of the grapes at controlled temperatures and gentle pressing, form the basis of an oenological strategy, aimed solely at preserving the typicality and fragrance of the ripe fruit.


The undisputed stars of this motherland of cultivars could only be the two grape varieties that have always thrived in these terroirs: Magliocco Dolce for reds and rosés; Mantonico for white.

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