Zaleuco, varietal white wine, Mantonico 100%

"The Luminous, from the name of the first legislator of the West (Locri, 663 AC)"


A colour that doesn’t go unnoticed and the slow movement in the glass betray its structure and origin. The opening with notes of citrus, exotic fruit, white flowers, and mineral hint reveal the identity of this southern white wine, a white wine with great structure and an unusual capacity for ageing over time. It’s the Mantonico!



Dry white wine


The grape variety at the base of this wine is Mantonico, representing the unstoppable redemption of quality native Calabrian vines; 420 A rootstock


From 13,0° to 14,0°

Service temperature

8-10 °C


It goes well with grilled fish, more elaborate fish preparations, but also with medium-aged cheeses and white meats.

Training system


Production area

Middle Savuto Valley
Motta Santa Lucia


The grapes are hand-picked in mid to late October, promptly destemmed and pressed in one single step. This is followed by static static decantation at low temperatures, which precedes the slow fermentation at controlled temperatures after the first racking. After a second racking at the end of fermentation, the wine undergoes batonage in tank for three months and further ageing on the fine lees for another three months.


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Organoleptic properties

Bright straw yellow

The wine has hints of broom that blend with fruity notes reminiscent of pears

In the mouth, it is smooth with a perfect balance between freshness and acidity

A white wine with warm Mediterranean tones, whose floral hints of Mediterranean scrub blend with a sweet and persuasive fruity. Notes of minerality make it even more stimulating to drink.

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