Mute, red wine DOC Savuto

"Mute Passion"


A dense and deep colour, just like the dense and complex bouquet that ranges from ripe small fruits to balsamic nuances, sweet spices and hints of liquorice and tobacco. An ancient vine accustomed to its territory that offers a unique balance, with fine tannins and a full fruit character.



Non-barricated red wine


The vines used for this wine are Arvino, Magliocco Dolce and Greco Nero representing the unstoppable redemption of quality native Calabrian vines; 420 A rootstock


From 13,5 ° to 14°

Service temperature

16/18 °C


It goes well with great local dishes such as roast kid or "pasta china"

Training system


Production area

Middle Savuto Valley
Motta Santa Lucia


The grapes of each cultivars are hand-picked according to their specific degree of ripeness. The vinification of each grape variety is then carried out separately, to then be assembled after the first racking in accordance with the harvest proportions. The manual selection of the grape bunches, combined with a slow maceration of the grapes at controlled temperatures and a gentle pressing, is part of an oenological strategy aimed at preserving the typicality and fragrance of the ripe fruit.


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Organoleptic properties

Deep ruby with concentrated, impenetrable purplish reflections.

On the nose it is youthful. You can feel the small fruits, with blackberry and sweet spices standing out; in the background liquorice and flowers.

The tannins are fine and the wine has a consistent structure. The taste is well-balanced, with a long finish characterised by fruit and spice notes.

A wine with a great structure that fully represents the territory. Concentrated and complex in aroma, it has a significant impact on the palate. 

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