About Us

Paolo and Ana

We share not only a vision but also passion and life.
Life, that of Paolo and Ana, which is linked to the Vine.
Our dreams merged Mediterranean with Caribbean.
Today, in Motta S. Lucia, in Calabria, our wines transmit our sincere, reliable and sunny personality.


“What’s Le Moire?” one might ask. Well, it’s the imprinting of a grandfather who, at your birth, after toasting to your arrival, baptizes you on the lips with a cross of wine. It’s the gift of memories of a happy childhood. It’s your children playing with ants on the balcony of a big city. It’s the memory of an unmatched remote past of a land whose people were called Enotri. It’s a mother land that poured the nectar of the gods to the winners of the Olympic games, to the warriors of Sibari and Crotone, to the tables of the Popes. And today, it’s a cry of sun that demands redemption.

Winery and Vineyards

Founded in 2006, Le Moire is dedicated exclusively to winemaking. The company properties cover about 6 hectares, with an annual production of 20/30000 bottles. The production process, from vineyard care to bottling, is directly taken care of by Paolo Chirillo, who chose to return to Calabria to practice his medical profession while convinced that it is necessary to invest in the specificities and added value of wine production.
The project has aimed, from the beginning,  at the production of high-identity natural wines, authentic and unique expressions of terroir. The company's know-how is based on the training of a team of farmers, agronomists, winemakers and graphic designers who share a passion for teamwork, for details and for the ethical and social implications related to viticulture. The company's ties with the territory are solid, as testified by the activity carried out by Paolo in his capacity as founding member of the AIR (Association of Entrepreneurs of Reventino).

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